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Breathless Press is one year old this month! The authors are getting together to do a birthday blog round robin and a couple of chats and mass blogging sessions. Stop by and see about new books at Breathless Press and talk with some of their veteran authors.

Here’s a complete list of all blog stops. 

Aug 1-5 Gina Gordon at Tara Nichols’ blog (http://tarasnichols.blogspot.com)(just book info)

Aug 5 Abby Wood at her blog (http://authorabbywood.com)

Aug 6-9 Honoria at Tara Nichols’ blog (http://tarasnichols.blogspot.com) (just book info)

Aug 6 Janie Franz at Dark Cravings (http://darkcravings.blogspot.com) Janie’s release day

Aug 6 Janie Franz at Book Cover Lovers (http://bookcoverlovers.blogspot.com)(just book info) Janie’s release day, Honoria’s release day

Aug 6  Honoria at Writing on the River’s Edge.  Honoria’s release day and Aug 8 at Desire and Craving (http://desireandcraving.blogspot.com

Aug 9 Janie Franz at Berengaria Brown’s blog (http://berengariasblog.blogspot.com)

Aug 9 Berengaria Brown at Fiona Vance’s blog (http://www.fionavance.com)

Aug 10 Janie Franz at Abby’s blog (http://authorabbywood.com)

Aug 11-16 Janie Franz at Tara Nichols’ blog (http://tarasnichols.blogspot.com) (just book info)

Aug 11 Sheila at Selene’s blog (http://selenenoreen.com)

Aug 12 Abby as Debra at her Debra blog (www.debrakayn.com)

Aug 12 Janie Franz at Ambrielle’s blog (www.ambriellekirk.com)

Aug 12 Mary Corrales at Desire and Craving (Janie’s new blog)


Aug 13 Janie Franz at Debra’s blog (www.debrakayn.com)

Aug 15 BP CHAT at Romance Books R Us (Marianne’s site)3pm-9pm ET  (Must join to participate )http://groups.yahoo.com/group/romancebooksrus

Aug 16 BP Blog Party at BP Blog (http://breathlesspress.com/breathlessblog)

Aug 17 Janie Franz at Gina Gordon’s Blog (www.ginagordon.net)

Aug 18 Tentative Janie Franz at Selene Noreen (http://selenenoreen.com)

Aug 18 Shiela Stewart at Desire and Craving (Janie’s new blog) (http://desireandcraving.blogspot.com)

Aug 22 Ambrielle Kirk at Desire and Craving (Janie’s new blog) (http://desireandcraving.blogspot.com)

Aug 23 Shiela at Gina Gordon’s blog (www.ginagordon.net)

Aug 27 Berengaria at Desire and Craving (Janie’s new blog) (http://desireandcraving.blogspot.com)

Aug 27 Berengaria at Ambrielle’s blog (www.ambriellekirk.com) Berengaria’s release day

 Aug 28 BP Blog Party at Romance Books R Us (Must join to participate) http://groups.yahoo.com/group/romancebooksrus 

Aug 31 Ambrielle Kirk at Book Book Cover Lovers (http://bookcoverlovers.blogspot.com)

Aug 31 Ambrielle Kirk at Dark Cravings (http://darkcravings.blogspot.com)

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Honoria Ravena has a brand new book, Strapless, that is being released Friday Augs 6, the same day as my book (The Wayfarer’s Road).  She’s one of my fellow writers at Breathless Press.  Strapless is a juicy little book about two young women who find they may have deeper feelings for each other.


Here’s what folks are saying about the book:  
“It held my interest from the first word to the last…” -Violet Harper of The Pagan & The Pen
“If you want to read something very short, something hot, and something fun, then this story is for you.” -S. K. Fero of Got Erotic Romance
 Suffering from heartache over her broken engagement due to disapproval from her ex-fiance’s parents, Nadia has sworn off men. Elisheba, who has been a good friend throughout the break-up, has always stood by Nadia—but somehow her friend wants more.
To Read an Excerpt, go to Desire and Craving, the blog I host for erotic romance authors (http://desireandcraving.blogspot.com)

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