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We are very happy to host Muse It Up author Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz as she announces her new book Love Delivery. She is offering a special  short romantic story, “A Midsummer’s Knight,” to one person who comments and leaves contact information at this blog. At the end of her month long book tour, she will chose one grand prize winner who will receive a copy of  Love Delivery in whichever eBook format works.

Buy Link: http://tinyurl.com/4ajo9wz

But first, here’s a bit about the book and those luscious donuts on the cover.


My new contemporary romance, Love Delivery, features Ann, a waitress at a locally owned donut shop and her romantic interest, Tom, the handsome delivery man.


Ann is happy with her single life and her cat, Mittens, until she finds herself interested in Tom.  Unfortunately, Tom comes with some baggage, including five cats; Maria, his vicious ex-wife; and Maria’s adorable daughter he calls Kitten.


When Maria is hired at the donut shop and learns Ann and Tom are beginning a relationship, she does everything she can to tear them apart.  Will Ann and Tom’s love prevail, or will the evil ex-wife win in the end?


With a lot of the action happening in the donut shop, I was thinking about donuts a lot while writing this story. Did you know there is actually a National Donut Day?  It is the first Friday of June every year.  The holiday was established in 1938 by the Salvation Army as a way to honor the women, “Lassies,” who served donuts to the soldiers in World War I.  They also saw it as a way to hold a fundraiser to help the needy during the time of the Great Depression.


A short time after the United States entered the War in Europe in 1917, the Salvation Army sent a team to France to determine how they could best help the troops fighting abroad.  The team determined a canteen or service center that offered fresh baked good, writing supplies, postage stamps, and clothes-mending would be most appreciated.


The first group of women arrived and attempted to fulfill these needs.  Working in huts as close as safety permitted to the actual fighting, the women found it difficult to provide the freshly baked goods.  Two women, Margaret Sheldon and Helen Purviance came up with the idea of serving donuts.  The “Lassies” actually used the soldiers metal helmets to heat the oil needed to fry the sweet round treats.


In current times, many of our nation’s donut shops, both locally-owned and national chains participate in the holiday by offering donut deals.  Krispy Kreme Donuts give one free donut to each customer.  Many of these shops display the Salvation Army red kettle by their cash registers to encourage donations to the Salvation Army.


Dunkin’ Donuts gives one free donut to each customer who purchases a beverage.  LaMars Donuts gives a free donut to each customer but encourages donations of the price of the donut to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.


Donuts and similar fried treats are available in many countries and enjoyed world-wide.  Unfortunately, they aren’t the healthiest snack or food we can consume.  A typical glazed donut contains approximately 400 calories!


My first “real” job as a teenager was working as a waitress in small New England chain donut shop, Bess Eaton Donuts.  Like Ann, I filled the trays with sweet treats, made coffee, and served the customers.  I also filled the donuts with creams and jellies, using a large metal machine with a rigid tube on the end.  The shop always smelled delicious and mouth-watering.


One of the perks of the job was discounted donuts.  What better job could a teenager ask for?  Needless to say, I ate a lot of donuts while working that job.  Before too long, my jeans shrunk, and I wondered if my mom was washing them in super hot water…


It has been a very long time since I’ve wanted to eat donuts.  Although, I have to admit some of those new, fluffy, light varieties intrigue me, and I might just have to try one, or maybe two…


Remember to leave a comment with your name and email address as I am giving away a free romantic short story to one person who comments.




Ann pushed open the door, and the bell jingled like an added alarm to wake her up. Sometimes she wondered how she could function this early in the morning, but a job was a job. At least waitressing in a donut shop was honest. Maybe someday she’d go back to finish college and do something rewarding with her life. Then again, maybe the man of her dreams would walk through the door this morning and sweep her off her feet. The closest thing to a dream man in her life was Tom, the delivery guy, looking like God’s gift to women. She sighed. It didn’t seem fair. He would never find her appealing with the figure she inherited from her mother. The only attractive thing she could find when she looked in a mirror was her startling green eyes.

Ann softly hummed a popular tune as she wiped the bright red counter and the old fashioned swivel-top stools. She certainly wouldn’t get rich with this job, but the aroma of fresh-baked donuts and the friendly customers kept her coming back. Ann filled the coffee filters with fresh grounds, added water, and turned on the pots. Soon the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee joined the sweet, sugary smell of the donuts waiting to fill the cases.

Each tray of donuts contained a different variety: jelly-filled, raised, glazed, cake. Whatever the customer wanted was ready when the doors opened at six a.m. Carefully, she placed the trays in the glass-fronted cases. With a quick glance at the clock, she confirmed her day was just about to begin.

A tap on the door made her start, and she looked up from her work. Tom Breeden, the deliveryman, peered at her through the glass. Although he teased her whenever he stopped by, Ann’s heart skipped a beat as she waved. Tom’s brown hair curled past his blue coat collar and a boyish grin played around his full, sensual mouth. Ann’s gaze shifted to his dark brown eyes and long eyelashes. Eyes like that shouldn’t belong to a man. They were far too gorgeous. Once a week for the past year, Ann opened the door for Tom at five forty-five a.m. on Monday mornings. Lately, it seemed he spent longer making both the delivery and small talk. If only he didn’t spend so much of that time acting like a rooster in a hen house.

“Hi, gorgeous,” Tom called, carrying boxes through the door. Strong muscles, earned through years of lugging cartons, bulged beneath his cotton jacket.

“Hi, Tom, let me help you with those.”  Ann reached for the top box, but Tom stepped back.

“Sorry, pretty lady, against the rules. Can’t have a customer getting hurt while I’m delivering.”

“Give me a break. What do you think I do when you’re not here?”  Ann cocked her head at Tom, her hands on her hips.

“Why, stand behind the counter and flirt with the customers.”

“Men!”  Ann led the way to the back room, grumbling under her breath.

Penny is a multi-published author and editor with Muse It Up Publishing. Here’s more about her:

Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz has published hundreds of articles and short stories in print magazines and on-line. She writes for both adults and children. Her fiction has appeared in numerous genre and children’s publications and non‑fiction work has appeared in a variety of writing, parenting, and young adult print magazines and on line publications.  She edits for three small independent publishers.  Visit her web site at http://pennylockwoodehrenkranz.yolasite.com  Her writing blog is located at http://pennylockwoodehrenkranz.blogspot.com/


Love Delivery , Lady-in-Waiting, and Mirror, Mirror are coming in 2011 from MuseItUp Publishing. Her YA chapbook, Dragon Sight and her anthology A Past and A Future are available at Sam’s Dot Publishing.  Funny Dog, Boo’s Bad Day, and Many Colored Coats, all picture books, and Ghost for Lunch, a sequel, are schedule for publication with 4RV. Her MG novel, Ghost for Rent, is currently in transition from previous publisher to a new publisher.


A Past and A Future, a short story collection




Dragon Sight, a YA illustrated chapbook



Love Delivery, contemporary romance, August, 2011



Lady in Waiting, historical romance, coming November, 2011

Mirror, Mirror, time travel romance, coming December 2011



Funny Dog, picture book, coming May, 2012

Ghost for Lunch, MG novel, coming September, 2013

Many Colored Coats, picture book, coming October, 2014

Boo’s Bad Day, picture book, coming June, 2015





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