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Be Careful What You Wish For!

Nancy DiFabbio

iUniverse; September 8, 2011; $25.95 Hardcover; $15.95 Paperback; 230 pages

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1450291477; Paperback ISBN: 978-1450291453

E-book ISBN: 1450291465

Today, I’m proud to host Connecticut equestrian Nancy DiFabbio, author of Midnight Magic – Be Careful What You Wish For!  She talks about this new young adult novel that is sure to steal any young girl’s heart who ever has dreamed of owning her own wild horse.

What inspired you to write MIDNIGHT MAGIC?

I was inspired to write Midnight Magic – Be Careful What You Wish For! by my love of horses, and in particular, my own magical Morgan, Trinity. The creation and development of this American breed is a fascinating story in its own right. I wanted to open up a world of imagination for readers of all ages, and craft a story and characters that would stay with them long after they had turned the last page, without evoking dark imagery or raising frightening or depressing topics.

As a parent, I felt I had a responsibility to my readers and their parents to provide a source of wholesome entertainment. It seems that our society views innocence as a disease that needs to be eradicated as quickly as possible. As a child, I was sheltered from most of the ugly realities of life until I was mature enough to confront them.

Black Beauty is still holding readers spellbound, and it was written in 1877. The author, Anna Sewell, addressed the controversial topic of the abuse of horses, so the story was not sugary sweet. However, there is no gratuitous violence, sex or foul language. I believe there is still a readership craving this style of literature and wrote Midnight Magic based on my convictions.

Many writers have an established pattern in the way they write – do you have any quirks to share?

I have a fairly loose approach to writing—similar to all those years I spent making wedding gowns. If I have a deadline, I work on that project. If not, I write about whatever is inspiring me at that moment. Without an impending wedding date, I’d view the rows of gowns I was working on and decide whether I felt like beading, refining a neckline or coming up with a new design.

When I’m still on a first draft of any writing project, I let my creativity flow and my fingers fly across the keyboard without worrying unduly about form or organization. After that, it’s a matter of editing and rewriting, reformatting, rewriting, editing, etc. until I’m satisfied with the end result—at least until the next time I read through it.

You write a column, “Tales from the NEIGH-borhood,” for local newspapers and have written both non-fiction and fiction books. What is your favorite style of writing?

I prefer writing fiction because it allows for a freer flow of creativity. However, I do like to include some factual information as well, whether it’s about horse care—in the case of “Tales from the NEIGH-borhood” or historical information, as in Midnight Magic.

My first book, Quest for the Dress, was non-fiction, but it also contains humorous anecdotes about my experiences. Having a background in education, I guess I can’t stop myself from also trying to promote positive moral values, whether it’s non-fiction or fiction.

In the “Tales from the NEIGH-borhood”, each horse always learns something from the adventure he’s just shared. When Sonny spooked at the Christmas decorations on our front lawn and nearly squashed me in his attempt to run away, he learns that he should have trusted me to keep him safe. He advises his readers: “Tell your parents if something scares you, even if you feel silly. Trust me; it helps.”

Do you have plans for more YA novels?

I must confess that I love the characters and storyline of Midnight Magic so much, that I already have a sequel in mind.

Nancy DiFabbio’s next book, Saddle Up! And Live Your Dream, will released in early 2012.


Can a Horse Steal a Young Girl’s Heart—and Soul?

Rummaging through her grandmother’s crowded attic, Mattie unearths a mesmerizing antique painting of the first Morgan horse ever bred. When a gorgeous, mysterious stallion appears at her grandmother’s pond for a twilight ride, Mattie can’t believe her luck. Intrigued by this wild horse, she sneaks out nightly for magical rides in Nancy DiFabbio’s mystifying novel MIDNIGHT MAGIC: Be Careful What You Wish For! (September 2011; iUniverse, $25.95). In the small town of Gull’s Nest, there has always been a whisper of something supernatural surrounding the women in Mattie’s family, making Mattie wonder if the meeting is pure coincidence.  Or has her constant wishing and praying for a horse awakened powers that may have brought the painting to life?

This modern-day fairytale follows the journey of an ordinary girl as she develops into a confidant equestrian.  Through her love of horses, Mattie embraces the elements of healthy living – eating right, exercise, and self-worth.  DiFabbio deftly juxtaposes this positive message with a hint of Mattie’s mystifying talents, offering entertainment as well as a relatable role model for young readers.

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