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January 2012

Hello everyone,

I do apologize for the lapse in communication with all of you. Some of you have been with me through a lot of changes this past year and I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

I am finally settling down in the East Mountains of New Mexico. I thought I was avoiding snow and subzero temps but—joke on me—at this altitude we do have snow and have already had two days of subzero temps. But here, unlike the Northern Plains, the severe cold doesn’t last and the snow is usually gone soon.

I flew back to North Dakota for a few days to celebrate the holidays with my grown children. My son Scott and his girlfriend Rachel are busy in the throes of wedding planning. It looks like it might be a summer wedding instead of a winter one. It was good to be back, but it was clear to me that I was only visiting and that my home now is New Mexico. By the way, North Dakota had no snow this year yet.

I am tucked into a tiny efficiency apartment in Moriarty, NM, about 40 miles east of Albuquerque. I go to the East Mountain Unity Center and am part of their small women’s group, Women of Worthship, as well as a women’s spiritual book group. We just finished Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth. I also go to the Southwest Writers Group and spoke there in October. It was my first inspirational talk and convinced me that motivational speaking would be the next career addition to my life.

I have been busy in deep edits with my books from Muse It Up Publishing. I’ll talk more about those books later, but first I’m sure you are eager to hear news about the Bowdancer Saga.

Bowdancer Book News:

Warrior Women, the third book in The Bowdancer Saga, was released November 2010 by Breathless Press. You can buy a copy at the Breathless Press website (http://www.breathlesspress.com/erotic/romance/fantasy.html), at All Romance Books (http://www.allromanceebooks.com), at My Bookstore And More (http://www.mybookstoreandmore.com), or at Amazon.com (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook), and the Reader Store (epub). My new publisher, Muse It Up Publishing, is picking up this series when my contracts start to expire at the end of this year.

The Lost Song trilogy, three big novels about the further adventures of Jan-nell out in the wider realm of her world, will be out in 2012-13. The first book, The Lost Song: Verses, will be released early 2012. All of the books will be first published as ebooks and then will be available in print.

Delilah Stephens, the cover art wizardess at MuseItUp, will be designing the new Lost Song covers. She will create a whole new brand for the Bowdancer Saga. I’ve given her carte blanche to let her creativity soar. She designed the covers for the first two Ruins books and fashioned a brand for them as well. You can see them below.

I am going into content edits with The Lost Song: Verses in a few days. I have finished tweaking The Lost Song: Refrain and will be submitting that one at the end of this week. The Lost Song: Coda needs a more extensive tweaking, but it will be submitted later in January.

Once that is done, I’ll finish writing three more books in that series, making a total of nine. But that will be a labor of love for later in the year.


Muse It Up Publishing Book News

All books are available through Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, the Reader Store, and the MuseItUp Bookstore here:


Ruins trilogy

Muse It Up Publishing released my first book with them last summer. Ruins: Discovery, the first book in an archaeological romance thriller, was published the Muse It Hot! division. All three books will probably be in the Hot! section of this publish house. I have objected strongly to the label erotica writer because I’m not one. I write mainstream stories that have adult content. There is a difference.











The second book, Ruins: Artifacts, just came out at the end of December. That was a fun one to write.











The last book in that trilogy is Ruins: Legacy. I have started it but really have no clue what will happen, and I don’t even know if there will be a steamy love scene in that one.

All of these books will be out first as ebooks. Ruins: Artifact will be available in a print version late next year or in early 2013.

Keep up-to-date on Ruins news by going to the trilogy’s own website: http://ruinstrilogy.wordpress.com


Sugar Magnolia

This summer also witnessed the release of Sugar Magnolia, a contemporary romance about the music industry. It is in ebook format but will be in print later this year. You will be surprised by two special cameos in this book by real-life musicians! And they appear with their permission. It’s a hot little romance.












The Neighbor, a chilling occult short, made its debut just in time for Halloween. It is in the mainstream division of Muse It Up Publishing.








The Premier, a contemporary romance set in Hollywood, will be released this month as an ebook only. Like The Neighbor, it’s in the mainstream division.











Book Trailers:

I’m working on new book trailers for the Ruins trilogy and Sugar Magnolia.

If you remember, Chris O’Brien from Enchanted Ape and Matthew Probst from Gypsy Lumberjacks, two Minneapolis bands, wrote the wonderful soundtrack called “Meadowsweet” for the book trailers for The Bowdancer andThe Wayfarer’s Road. They also wrote a lively piece for the Warrior Women book trailer. To view all of those book trailers, please visit this site:  http://www.youtube.com/user/bryangrob

Unfortunately, Chris has been busy as a new husband and his band has been on hiatus. In the meantime, I have asked Bryan Grob, who designed my new author website and put the book trailers together, will be writing the music for the new book trailers. I’m very excited about what Bryan will do. He’s a fine guitarist but has a different style.

We will miss Chris’ touch on the new book trailers but I’m hoping his hand will return for The Lost Song trilogy. Perhaps it is fitting that Bryan offers his talents to the Ruins trilogy. He’s from the desert Southwest, New Mexico actually, and would have a feel for the material.

I’m very excited to see what we can pull together for Sugar Magnolia. The book deals with a mix of rock, Delta blues, and old gospel.

Blog News:

All of my websites will be updated this month. Those sites are:
The Bowdancer Saga: www.thebowdancersaga.wordpress.com
Author’s website: http://janiefranz.fourfour.com

The Ruins trilogy: http://ruinstrilogy.wordpress.com

Writing at the River’s Edge (Ironically, I’m no longer near water, except from wells—and all the snow we’ve had so far): www.janiefranz.wordpress.com

I’ve been on a virtual blog tour since November, posting on several writers’ websites and appearing on radio stations in El Paso and Colorado Springs.I posted a mention about Sugar Magnolia in my monthly column, Music Up Close with Janie, at http://skopemag.com/category/columns-by-skope-writers/music-up-close .

I’ll keep you all posted about new blog spots in a separate mailing or by going to one of my websites.

Happy Reading,

Janie Franz

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