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Edits with LY Words

I did yet another edit for The Bowdancer. This was to clean up “ly” words (softly, gently, carefully, smartly,…..). I found that those words are great to use to get a story down, but they don’t serve you well as you begin to polish your work. When you go in and do the big substantive and picky technical edits, you really need to either eliminate those words or replace them. It was right of my editor to have me look at those words again and question what I was really wanting to say at the moment I reached for a safe word.

Sometimes, it was as simple as breaking the word down. If I wrote: “…..he said softly,” that could become “…..he said in quiet tones” or “…..His voice was soft and warm.”

At other times, I had describe those non-verbals that were going on. When I did that, I didn’t rely on the “ly” words to tell what the characters were doing. By eliminating a pesky “ly” word, I had to show what was happening and stick in actions, postures, and eye rolls or whatever.

Did it make my work better? You bet it did. Will I still use “ly” descriptors? Yes, I will, especially in my first drafts. And I won’t beat myself up about it. These “ly” words are great tools.

Sometimes, by quickly grabbing one word that holds the essence of what I’m trying to achieve in a scene, will keep me going in the right direction until the story is told. Then, I can go back in and flesh out the work.

This edit was definitely as good exercise and a great lesson for future writing.


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Edits Coming Along

I’ve just finished the first round of edits for The Bowdancer. My editor, Laura, at Breathless Press has been terrific.

I can’t wait to see what the cover will look like.

Fellow writer, Jamieson Wolf has a new book out with Breathless Press, too. Starlight, Starbright was released last week.  Congrats, Jamieson!

Check it out at http://www.breathlesspress.com


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Writers’ Table

I met with two really exciting writers today in a new writer’s group we are calling the Writers’ Table.  We meet at a local coffeehouse.  Since I spend so much of my life at my computer, writing or online, it was refreshing to connect with writers face to face.

We are all genre writers, mainly fantasy, paranormal, and mystery, with a touch of romance thrown in. Unlike weekly critique groups, we are a monthly group that will meet to discuss what we’ve written the past month, marketing strategies, and how to get over some of the humps we are facing.

It will be a most welcome exchange of ideas and encouragement. AND a great way to make us accountable for our writing goals.  I am so energized because of these new connections.

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Hello fellow authors, readers, and friends!

It’s been said that we change our careers several times in our lives and I have certainly experienced that. As an empty-nester who has been a full-time freelance journalist for almost ten years and co-author of two how-to wedding books, I finally will be making a foray into the fiction world with the publication of my novelette, The Bowdancer, which will be published later this month as an ebook from Breathless Press.

I’ll keep all of you posted on what I’m up to in the realm of fiction–as well as who I’m reading, interviewing, etc.

Happy Writing!

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